How to service and repair a
Scatterbird MK3 Birdscarer

portek scatterbird mk3 gas gun bird scarer

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Scatterbird MK3 Parts List

portek scatterbird mark3 bird scaring gas gun crop protection
No. Description Part No.
1 MK3 Scatterbird Inner Barrel/Jet Not Available
2 Plastic Barrel Outer with Screws and Label 032/02
3 Hinged Back Plate and Screws 032/03
4 Control Panel Steel Cover and Screws 032/04
5 Side Plate with Fasteners 032/05
6 Spark Plug BNGK BR6S (or Equivalent) 032/06
6a Spark Plug Insulator Cap 032/18A
7 Two Piece Jet (7/8” BSF) 032/18
8 Solenoid and Filter 031/08
9 Regulator 031/54
10 Gas Hose 031/55
11 Spark Generator 031/10
12 High Tension (HT) Lead 031/11A
13 Long Battery Lead 031/12B
14 Short Battery Lead 031/12C
15 Earth Lead 031/12D
15 Earth Lead (2 Part) 031/12E
16 Main Wiring Harness 032/07
17 Circuit Board (New) 031/50
17 Circuit Board (Service Exchange)* 033
18 Operators Instruction Book 032/08
19 Extension Legs (Set of 4)** 032/09
20 Internal Battery (22) + Lead (14) for Scatterbird MK3 034
21 Battery Charger 035
22 Internal Battery 034B

*Service exchange circuit boards are only supplied against the return of repairable faulty units. Replacement of unrepairable faulty units is charged at new circuit board price.

**Use the Scatterbird MK3 leg accessory to raise the unit which allows the sound to travel further and to help prevent water and pest damage.

Literature Downloads

Portek have a full range of support literature downloads and instructional videos that cover their complete product range and are always being updated.

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portek scatterbird mark3 mk3 operators manual

Scatterbird MK3
Operators Handbook

portek scatterbird mark3 mk3 service repair manual

Scatterbird MK3
Service & Repair Manual