How to program and operate a
Scatterbird MK4 Birdscarer

portek scatterbird mk4 gas gun bird scarer

Start the video by clicking the ‘Play‘ button ( play_button ) located in the bottom left hand corner of the video, it can be paused at any time by clicking on the ‘Pause‘ button ( ) also located in the bottom left hand corner – it will appear when the video is running.

Scatterbird MK4 App Guide 

Scatterbird MK4 Parts List

portek scatterbird mark4 bird scaring gas gun crop protection
No. Description Part No.
1 MK4 Scatterbird Moulding 033/42
2 Solenoid and Filter 033/43
3 Long Battery Lead 031/12B
4 Regulator 031/54
5 Gas Hose 031/55
6 Spark Plug BPR6ES (or Equivalent) 032/06
7 Spark Plug Insulated Cap 032/18A
8 Two Piece Jet complete with Split Pin 033/04
9 Spark Generator 033/42
10 Barrel Assembly and 2 Screws 033/12
11 Plastic Barrel with Label and 2 Screws 033/38
12 Brass Elbow Male/Female 033/14
13 Metal Backplate and 6 Screws 033/39
14 Side Plate with 3 Thumbscrews and Washers 033/41
15 High Tension (HT) Lead 033/19
16 Assembled Circuit Board including Backplate and 4 Screws 033/40
17 Leg Assembly (Set of 4) 033/30
18 Internal Battery 034B
19 Short Battery Lead 031/12C
20 Internal Battery (18) + Lead (19) for Scatterbird MK4 034
21 Battery Charger 035
22 Preset Remote Control 033/34
23 Instruction Book

Literature Downloads

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portek scatterbird mark4 mk4 operators manual

Scatterbird MK4
Operators Handbook